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Cascade on the Boardwalk
Jam'n Bean Coffee Company
6860 Cascade Rd. S.E.      Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Jam'n Bean Coffee

6860 Cascade Rd S.E.

Grand Rapids, MI

Hours: Mon - Fri. 7am - 6pm
Sat 8am - 3pm | Sun 9am - 2pm
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Hello! Welcome to Jam 'N Bean Grand Rapids & Cascade Ada Coffee Roasters, Cafe & Ice Cream Shop.

Located adjacent to the recently closed Sundaes at the Cottage Ice Cream Shop.
Need space for an Party, High School Graduation Party, Meeting or Club Event? Contact Event Coordinator (here)
Kenya AA 2lb

Price: $39.50

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 Brazil Cerrado 2.0 lb

Price: $32.98

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   Jam 'N Bean Coffee is the next generation of coffee houses. Jam 'N Bean combines the atmosphere of warmth and comfort, mixed with all of the latest technology trends.

Our Music venue and local partnership of our high school youth provide the perfect hangout ( Cascade on the Boardwalk ) for young and old alike. Free coffee refills, Free Wi-FI and free weekend entertainment at the outdoor community center and sound stage are just the beginning.

Our Fresh Roasted Coffee is the best! We roast our coffee beans daily, to provide the freshest coffee experience. Our signature beans of Organic Sumatra, Fair Trade Ethiopian Harrar, Kenya AA, and our JamNBean Best are sold in whole bean bulk.

We offer a large Bagel and Bagel breakfast menu, a variety of bakery items, Loose Leaf Teas, Real Fruit Smoothies and Coffee Drinks.

If you're looking for a Grand Rapids, Ada, Casacde, Area Coffee Roaster to supply your local restaurant or coffee house with fresh bulk coffee, please contact us or stop by. We can set you up with a custom plan and timely delivery.

Jam 'N Bean Coffee and Cafe. We have partnered with Forest Hills Central Music and Arts programs to provide scholarships to students that help volunteer their time in our community!

Grand Rapids Ada Cascade Jam'n Bean Coffee, Tea and Ice Cream Shop.

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